Girl fond of going in a nightclub

Do you agree with me if I say that most of the Malagasy girls like to go in night clubs?     I’m telling you it’s true! The problem with this is that they are obliged to invent excuses and lie to their parents if they want to have fun with their friends at night. Apart from the parents’ unwillingness to understand their children’s feeling, they say this will never match with the Malagasy culture. The funniest thing and I believe you will agree with me is that breaking laws and ignoring rules always make one feel a very good and strange feeling. It’s the same thing with the Malagasy girls and their parents. When parents forbid them to go in night clubs, they invent lies like “I ought to help my best friend, she’s at the hospital and she has noone to be with her tonight” or “We have to do a group homework that we will present at school on Monday and Liza has accepted to do it at her home”. Once they are out, they profit from the occasion to do all the things they’ve never done in their lives such as smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol and so on. That’s why we see innocent girls in their daily life drunk at the bar or doing striptease at the club. It’s not that all the girls are like that but it’s just one of the case that may happen. If you, who read this has girls or boys, it is a message, do not forbid your kids to go out at night but try to find the reasons why they like it and try to talk with them or else you can acompany them there from time to time. You’ll see, it’s not that bad!


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