Guiding Overseas Linked with Development

A very interesting project realized thanks to the collaboration of the Malagasy GirlScouts with United Kingdom Girl Guides.
Every year 6 Uk Guides come in Madagascar and work with 6 Malagasy Girl Scouts in order to execute some training activities concerning Development and Leadership to young Malagasy GirlScouts and some other youth and woman association in Madagascar.
The activities of this year are first a camp for girl scouts aged between 12 to 16 focused on Leadership, Globalization, MDG and MAP, Water and Sanitation, Youth Reproduction Health, Climate Change, Human Rigts and so on. The second is a camp for rangers or Girl Scouts aged between 16 and 25. The truth is that it the training will resemble more of a workshop and the themes are going to be more or less the same but the approach will be different and the elders would have to go more in depth of the subjects. The third is a workshop for the women and the children of Ambiohimanga which is the pilot site of the project since its beginning in 2004. They’ll be sensitized on the theme of Foods and Nutrition, Water and Sanitation, Health, Youth Reproduction Health, Climate cha,ge and Protection of the Environment.
There are still many other activities but as you, readers, are not member of the GOLD Team. I’m happy to inform that all you have to do is to adhere in the Scout Association and you will discover all that we do.


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