Guiding can be funny

You may ask yourself whereabout in this big association could exist a funny side?
Guiding seems to be a very sober activity with its laws, rules, rituals, charter and customs.
That’s how people see the association when they are not members, even if they are member but haven’t experienced the real thing in Scoutism. It’s all true, for example when Girl Scouts or Guides meet, first they must wear the same uniforms, they have to follow some customs like to gather, to sing the anthem, to pronounce the goal and aims of the groups and so on. Their activities are different according to their branches. They have to pass many tests which sometimes are veri hard and very difficult. These are basically physical, mental, spiritual, social, sentimental and moral tests. Many children are sent there because they are shy or fearful or for many other reasons. The results are most of the time positive, kids change when they are educated with Scouts methodes and techniques.
Even if it’s not always evident, the aim of Guiding is to make of young kids real good citizen, responsible of his or herself and his/her country and above all, faithful Christian.
You may say shools and arts courses are already there and they give the right education for children but kids need more freedom. They need like another space where they can really enjoy themselves, develop their skills and potential without fearing their parents or teachers won’t agree. Kids discover themselves, become acquainted with many other kids coming from other towns, regions, provinces or even countries. It really does them good you know! They learn to live socially and in peace with them.
They are also taught to be independent and they experience real adventures which show them the dangers of life if they don’t pay attention.
Besides, they learn to set up projects which can help people or which are for the benefit of all. They are given the trainings which will permit them to lead a good and happy life as Christian and a good citizen.
These are just few of the advantyages and assets kids have when they are guides.
Either you are parents or youth, try and you’ll see!
You can always give up if it’s not okay with you but I’m sure you won’t, will you?


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